Comfort, Productive, Modern - These are our core focus when designing our chairs. We know how essential are these features when looking for a chair for your home office or even for your living room.

At FERCO HOME, we do not compromise any of these features to ensure you get the best of all. We understand you need a workspace that is not taking up so much space at your home. That's why we carefully design our chairs with you in mind. Minimum in style but maximum in functionality, either Recliner Series or Glide Series, both would be a perfect blend with the rest of your existing home interior. 

We truly believe our products are beyond just a working chair that is not only enabling you to perform your tasks productively, but also flexible to be used for any occasion - a Friday movie night or a peaceful reading time? Well, the 'chair' is yours. 

We redefine Work From Home. We redefine Lifestyle.

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