Our humble beginnings can be traced back to our parent company: Ferco Seating in 1983 in the United Kingdom. Following great success as an internationally recognized brand and having become involved in various iconic public seating projects worldwide ranging from auditorium, cinema, education, and stadium; demand for Ferco Seating products began to rise not only in public seating; but largely in the homes of end users. With the emerging of Work From Home (WFH) trend worldwide, we noticed the conventional home office furniture that is currently available in the market would take up so much space at home and carries only one function – as a workplace. After additional research of recent trends and understand the pain points facing by many WFH-ers, we saw the need to have a compact task chair that can not only be used as a workspace but flexible for leisure use as well. This is where FERCO HOME was founded. Our mission is simple, to redefine WFH furniture by designing a comfortable, multifunction chair that would improve productivity and enhance lifestyle after work. With our experience in the seating field and our pure interest in finding solutions for WFH-ers, we hope to provide a seating experience that finally solves our customers’ needs, and upholds a design philosophy that embodies modern yet remains ergonomic; fitting into the homes of many.

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